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About Purple Savannah

Purple Savannah offers expertise within advocacy, influencer marketing and brand consulting. We are passionate about bringing ideas to live and are devoted to strong relations with our partners. It is our mission to combine the strength of personal and tailormade marketing with a strategic business approach.

Influencer marketing and branding agency

We represent a selection of Denmark’s strongest profiles in influencer marketing and develop stand-alone campaigns without compromise on creative concept, idea and communication. This process spawns captivating and unique content specially designed for your target audience, increasing not only brand awareness and digital presence, but ultimately sales. Offer can include concept development, commercial partnerships, ambassadorships and events. We work with an analytical- and strategic approach towards authentic execution. Ultimate goal is momentum built by a longterm focus for future potential and growth.


Purple Savannah is founded by Louise Falk. With a strong experience in corporate FMCG she has an in-depth knowledge of marketing strategy and branding in the beauty industry.

Through the past decade she has experienced the evolution of an ever-changing, fragmented marketing landscape becoming increasingly digital and demanding a trustworthy digital presence. International and local markets alike. The Nordic and Danish consumer is inquisitive, informed, and determined. The most challenging and rewarding consumer to engage. The relationship between a brand and a consumer is personal and creates identity. The vision of Purple Savannah is to tailor consumer-centric solutions for modern brands to maximize effort and results.

Louise Falk / Founder

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