Successful brands are built by people. A brand without a vision is merely a product. A truly powerful brand obtains an identity, it speaks to-and with people and thereby generates value. Our aim is to build lasting powerful brands for future growth.



Although the digital and influencer marketing landscape is growing increasingly more established, this type of marketing gone personal might be somewhat of a modern revolution on how communication is perceived and received. It represents a valuable strategy that can gain awareness, engagement- and longterm benefits for your brand.

At Purple Savannah, it is our belief that the forces of influencer marketing can be strengthened even further to provide increased success for both brand and influencer, and we look forward to elaborate on the options of influencer marketing for exactly your brand.

BRANDING consultancy

Purple Savannah offer our services and capabilities in strategic consultancy and guidance for clients on brand strategy. We are result oriented and offer anything from analytics and guidance to full service launch-or branding strategies. Solutions will be tailormade to suit your brand and its journey. 

Reach out! We would love to get to know your brand and vision to help your brand grow. All strong brands begin with a conversation.