Purple Savannah

People make brands

A strong brand brings a message. A powerful brand brings coherence and value. It has a path. It offers an experience.

Why influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing can convey your brand to the modern consumer. It offers a unique option of advocacy at eye level. Trustworthy, relatable and original content born from a creative and qualitative mindset.
The right match between person and brand can generate value for brand, influencer and consumer alike.

Strong influencer marketing is strategic, analytical and personal – all at once – making it indisputable to modern brand strategy.

Give your brand a personal voice

The path to better brands with a strong brand awareness and trustworthy digital presence is personal, but nonetheless serious. Better results come from an analytical and strategic approach tailormade each brand, message – and experience.


value creators

Powerful awareness and brand equity spring from original content with a unique approach towards all campaigns. Influencing in our time equals value based marketing  in level with consumers. Dive into the creative universes of out talented value creators.

Sofie Amalie Rolandsen
Influencer hos Purple Savannah
Louise Falk / Founder

Why Purple Savannah

Purple Savannah has a vision of building powerful brands and addressing the modern consumer. We believe in influencer marketing as a nonnegotiable marketing force. Strategic and personal all in one.

What is your brands vision?